My method

For whom?


Shiatsu is suitable for everyone: men, women, children, elderly, disabled...


 If you :

  • Suffer from headaches, back or joint pain
  • Have sleeping problems or eating disorders
  • Feel exhausted, anxious or depressed
  • Are experiencing a life crisis
  • Have menstrual problems or menopausal symptoms
  • Want holistic support during and after pregnancy
  • Yearn for a mindful touch

Shiatsu brings:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Improved self-perception
  • Balance and harmony
  • Invigorated drive
  • Joy
  • Pain and symptom relief and/or disappearance
  • Activation of your body's self-healing abilities

Shiatsu Massage Berlin Kreuzberg

What happens during a treatment?


Watch this video to see what you should expect from a Shiatsu treatment.


After you change into a comfortable top, pants, and warm socks (please bring your own), I invite you to sit down for tea, so we can discuss your needs and our aims for the session.


We start with you sitting or lying down on the mat (whichever position is more comfortable). I make a diagnosis on your belly or your back(Fukushin / Haikoshin) that allows me to identify which meridians (energy pathways) are to be treated. Then using my fingers, elbows or knees, I work on the whole body. To relieve anxiety or tension, I can also suggest breathing or mindfulness exercises.


After the treatment, you are given time to slowly "come back” to your senses. If you are interested, we can discuss the meridian functions, so you can better identify the causes of your symptoms. Furthermore, I demonstrate customized Meridian exercises so that you can continue the treatment on your own in order to speed up your recovery and maintain the benefits.

How does shiatsu work?


Shiatsu is rooted in Far Eastern philosophy, healing arts, and lifestyle. Shiatsu started in Japan before spreading to the West, where it has further developed independently. According to Shiatsu, life energy - Japanese: Ki; the "breath of life" - is the engine of life. Shiatsu practitioners support this life-stream by customizing their touch according to each individual and their immediate needs.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.