My method

Shiatsu Massage Berlin Kreuzberg

What happens during a session?


After you change into a comfortable top, pants, and warm socks (please bring your own), I invite you to sit down for tea, so we can discuss your needs and our aims for the session.


When you decide to work with me, you commit to implement transformative practices into your life. These practices will support the development of your self-awareness, the cultivation of your energy and the integration of the fragmented parts of your self:

- developing self-awareness is necessary to learn to recognize the self-sabotaging, conflicting and unloving patterns that are holding you back from being the person you want to be. These patterns are mostly unconscious or barely conscious, and to transform them, we first must learn to recognize them.

- to transform and integrate into a wholer self, you will need to expand your energetic container and increase its stability, so that you become able to hold the intensity of deeply repressed emotions. This is why it is important to cultivate your energy.

-  learning and practicing self-love with the right tools will lead to the integration of the parts of yourself that you deem unlovable and increase your presence and freedom to act integrity with your values.


These tools are the foundations of the healing process and this is why we will take some time during our sessions to address any questions you would have about them or blockages you encounter, and refine them so that they suit your type best.

It is necessary for your complete healing to take full responsibility of yourself, which is the reason I work in a way that makes my clients more and more autonomous in their healing processes. I am not here to take your problems away, make decisions for you or tell you what you feel. I am here to guide you and hold space for you to access your own resources, strengthen your trust towards yourself, your intuition, your perception and understanding of reality so that you are more and more able to rely on it, which gives you confidence and autonomy.


Autonomy doesn't mean that you stop needing support, and we will make sure that you receive the support you need during the sessions. I will help you:

- regulate your nervous system so that you are able to feel and process intense emotions

- shift from shame to acceptance

- see and understand yourself and your behavior patterns

- let go of outdated coping mechanisms

- strengthen your core so that you are better able to deal with challenges

- reclaim your power so that you feel more and more capable, in control and the creator of your life and the world around you


This is done through mirroring (through my loving reflection, you are able to see, feel and understand yourself in a compassionate light), guided meditations, breathing, energy work, and if we meet in person, I will sometimes use bodywork/physical touch.

Even when we are on a video or phone call, my sessions are based on you feeling yourself, your emotions and your body, and working towards resolution, regulation and relaxation, so that you leave feeling refreshed, restaured and harmonious.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Momoko Healing

@Holographic Healing Nest

Eisenbahnstr. 11

Hinterhaus Fabrikgebäude

Souterrain rechts

10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

 +49 (0)151 63407675


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